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Brené Brown has been one of my favorite authors for the past 10 years. I chose this book as a Good Reads recommendation because having our grief witnessed is a powerful part of healing, and having the language to help tell our stories is crucial.

I will leave reflection questions in the comments below. Please feel free to join in the conversation if you'd like. There will be a "Grief Mapping" art journaling exercise to follow in a few days.

Do you believe having a strong emotional vocabulary is an important part of coping with grief and telling your story?

  • Yes

  • No

  • I'm not sure

Laura Calabrese, LICSW
January 1, 2022 · changed the group description.
Completed the Fall 2021 Art Journaling Through Grief class.heARTwork Fall 2021

Welcome to the group. Here you will find book recommendations accompanied with creative expression exercises such as reflection questions, photography prompts and art journaling inspiration. The books chosen will focus on grief as well as healing and growth. Please connect with other members and share your creative expression here in the forum.


    Welcome to the group. Here you will find book recommendation...


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