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Planting Seeds of Intention

Supplies Needed:

Watercolor Paper or Mixed Media Paper

Watercolor & brush

Hot Glue (might make project a little easier with faster drying) or I used Tombow liquid glue.


Sharpie Pen



  1. Spend a few minutes reflecting on intentions you have for the next few weeks or months. Take a mindful moment to visualize colors which match your words.

  2. Paint your paper with watercolors representative of an intention you would like to set. For this example, my intention was "keeping promises I make to myself." I chose pinks, oranges and gold.

3. Once the paper is dry, write your intention on your paper. Begin with the sentence, "I plant the seeds of..." You can repeat the same paragraph several times as I did below.

4. Using a pencil, draw petal shapes over your words in small, medium, large and extra large sizes - 4 petals of each size. Be sure to add stems to your petals (the longer, the easier to manipulate). Cut the petals/stems out.

5. Use your fingers to begin curling the paper in an inward direction to help shape your flower.

6. Begin forming your flower from the middle with the smallest petals, and then move outward.

7. Keep adding layers from smallest petals to largest until your flower is fully assembled. Display in a place where it is helpful to be reminded of your intentions.

With a little help, the kids can join in on this one too.


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